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Our Leadership

B20 Chair

Picture of Dr. Jürgen Heraeus, Chairman Supervisory Board

Dr. Jürgen Heraeus

B20 Chairman

Our job is to assist the head of states in setting the framework for future-oriented, sustainable economic growth.

Executive Committe

Picture of Dieter Kempf, President of BDI

Prof. Dieter Kempf

President of BDI

Representing the entire G20 business community, the B20 has an important and acknowledged role in shaping global governance. We appreciate the opportunity to co-lead this significant forum.

Picture of Dr. Eric Schweitzer, President of DIHK

Dr. Eric Schweitzer

President of the DIHK

Current and future challenges like climate change, urbanization and digitalization can only be solved at international level in collaboration between governments, business and civil society.

Picture of Ingo Kramer, President of BDA

Ingo Kramer

President of BDA

The G20 must become an engine for reforms. I hope that the German G20 Presidency will give strong impetus to comprehensive reform efforts at national level.

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