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Compact with Africa Dossier

Interview with Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Global Renewable Energies and CEO of Enel Green Power

Antonio Cammisecra discusses the Compact with Africa and how to mobilize governments and their international...

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Interview with Ludger Schuknecht, German Finance Deputy of the G20 Presidency

The "Compact with Africa" Intitiative was launched by the German Ministry of Finance. We spoke with Ludgar...

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B20 Compact with Africa Recommendations Published!

Africa is a continent of vast opportunities. Despite the high volatility of commodity prices as well as...

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Interview with Peter Sullivan, Managing Director and Head of Public Sector Africa of Citi Bank

Peter Sullivan, B20 FG&I member, discusses how the environment for FDI can be improved in Africa and how Citi...

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Interview with Volker Treier, Deputy CEO of DIHK-International, AHK-Network

Volker Treier of DIHK dicusses the "Compact with Africa" Initiative and how the German vocational training...

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Interview with Dr. Stefan Mair, Executive Board Member of BDI e.V.

Africa is undergoing a process of change and Dr. Stefan Mair of the BDI e.V. Executive Board believes that the...

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Interview with Francis Hintermann, Global Managing Director of Accenture Research

Francis Hintermann, Global Managing Director of Accenture Research and B20 Financing Growth & Investment...

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