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Priorities Overview


Trade & Investment

The global exchange of goods, services, capital, and knowledge is an important pillar of our prosperity. Specialization increases productivity. Open markets lead to greater innovation.

Energy, Climate & Resource Efficiency

Prices for energy and many other natural resources are currently low. This should not fool us, however. Natural resources are not endless. Climate change is a reality we have to deal with.

Financing Growth and Infrastructure

Global economic growth has been sluggish for several years. While in advanced economies a heightened uncertainty and setbacks to confidence have dampened growth,...


The digitalization of economies and societies changes how we produce, how we work, and how we trade with each other...

Employment and Education

Employment and Education have become core topics of the G20. In recent years G20 leaders have recognized that more must be done to address unemployment,...

Cross-thematic Groups

Responsible Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption

To raise standards of living economic growth is indispensable. Job creation, training, and education, innovation ...

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) represent the vast majority of enterprises worldwide. They are an essential pillar of innovation, ...

Other Initiatives

Health Initiative

The health care sector is one of the largest business sectors in the G20. Its research intensity and power to innovate, its large share in employment, ...

Compact with Africa

Africa is a continent of great opportunities but also many challenges. Despite the high volatility of commodity prices as well as geo-political and geo-economic uncertainties, ...

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