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Energy, Climate & Resource Efficiency G20 Goals

The new G20 Sustainability Working Group aims to interlink energy and climate policies and produce concrete outcomes for the summit preparation in form of an Action Plan on Energy and Climate. The German government will focus on the concrete implementation of the Paris Agreement, particularly at national level. In this context, they have the aim to strengthen technological innovation and employment by providing a long-term direction and certainty through common political frameworks, financing instruments, and economic incentives for investments in climate-resilient infrastructure.

The German presidency also aims to continue the extensive work on the G20 Action Plan on the 2030 Agenda, which was developed during the Chinese presidency in 2016. Germany aims to further specify and implement this Action Plan in a way that triggers global transformation efforts.

Resource Efficiency is one focus under this heading, relating to a number of Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. Germany will strive for a G20 Resource Efficiency Partnership to promote good practices and encourage major emerging economies to introduce resource-efficient technologies and infrastructures.

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