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Trade and Investment G20 Goals

The G20 German presidency published its priorities on trade and investment and especially for deepening the cooperation on trade and investment in December 2016.

The German presidency wants the G20 to support the rules-based multilateral trade system, with the WTO at the centre, and to examine how implementation of the protectionism standstill can be made more effective. Furthermore, the G20 will launch a discussion on the opportunities and risks of globalization. Against the backdrop of rising globalization skepticism, G20 members shall collectively convey the benefits of trade and investment openness to a wider audience.

Digital trade and the impact of digital technology on trade will be a G20 focal topic for the first time. The German G20 presidency also wants to expand G20 activities regarding openness, transparency, and modern frameworks for cross-border investment.

Finally, the G20 together with the OECD will follow up on the agreed Global Forum on Steel Excess Capacity. The first meeting of the forum took place in December.

The G20 Trade and Investment Working Group, which is preparing related decisions for G20 Sherpas, will meet for the first time on February 6 and 7 and will have two further meetings in March and May. Digital trade will also play a role at the meeting of the G20 ministers in charge of digitalization April 7. There will be no separate meeting of G20 trade Ministers

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