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B20 finalizes recommendations for G20 Sherpa Meeting

Final meeting of all B20 working groups in Paris. Co-hosted by Business at OECD (BIAC), the working groups...

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B20, Think Tanks and civil society: G20 should take lead in implementing Paris Agreement

B20 and its partner engagement groups T20 and C20 call on the G20 to seize the opportunities offered through...

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B20 Poster Competition

The B20 announces a poster competition for the B20 Summit in cooperation with the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’...

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B20 Conference Report

Parallel to the official start of Germany’s G20 presidency on 1 December 2016, the Business 20 Dialogue (B20)...

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Interview with B20 Chair Jürgen Heraeus on globalization skepticism

Jürgen Heraeus elucidates the motivations of the B20 Statement on Open Markets and Inclusive Growth

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B20 Statement for Open Markets and Inclusive Growth

In view of rising anti-globalization sentiments and increasing protectionist measures the B20 leadership...

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B20 Germany Update

The first newsletter of B20 Germany reports about the recent B20 activities since the handover from B20 China...

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