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Digitalization G20 Goals

Digitalization remains at the core of the G20 agenda. Under the header ‘Seizing the opportunities of digital technology’ the focus will be on expanding infrastructure, improving employment prospects and digital education, developing and applying norms and standards, and creating consumer confidence. Furthermore, the German G20 presidency wants to foster the free flow of information, the protection of privacy, data protection, and data and IT security.

Digital innovation in the financial sector will be a topic of the G20 Finance Ministers, as digital trade – including cross-border data flows – is part of the G20 trade track.

Two more working meetings will follow until April 2017 when the G20 ministers in charge of digitalization will meet for the first time ever. The G20 Sherpas will further work on G20 digitalization initiatives until the summit of heads of states and governments in July 2017.

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