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Network Partner

Picture of Perrin Beatty, President and CEOof the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Perrin Beatty

President, Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC), Representative of Global Business Coalition

The economy is changing fast. When technology allows businesses to go global before they go local, we need to collaborate at an international level to support growth. The B20 gives us that platform.

Picture of Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce

Sunil Bharti Mittal

Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce

The challenges facing the global economy call for enhanced cooperation between governments and business. We look to the B20 process as a vital forum for public-private dialogue to accelerate sustainable development and inclusive growth.

Picture of Phil O'Reilly, Chair, Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD

Phil O'Reilly

Director, BIAC

From the outset, Business at OECD has provided continuity and structured policy input in the G20 process. Our role advising the OECD allows us to facilitate dialogue and share business recommendations with governments at the highest levels.

Picture of Prof. Klaus Schwab - Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum

Prof. Klaus Schwab

Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum looks forward to continuing its partnership with the G20/B20 process, and in particular to working with the German government to strengthen public-private collaboration in support of inclusive growth.

Knowledge Partner

Picture of Hans Paul Bürkner, Chairman, The Boston Consulting Group

Hans-Paul Bürkner

Chairman, The Boston Consulting Group

The B20's ability to facilitate substantive conversations between business and leading governments is crucial to unlocking the benefits of trade, digitalization, infrastructure and more for people worldwide.

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