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Former B20 Germany Team

Portrait of B20 team-member Mildner

Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner

Area of Competence: B20 Sherpa

Accountable, Transparent, Responsive – As an integral part of the G20 process, the B20 speaks with one voice for the entire G20 business community.

Anne Lauenroth

Area of Competence: Energy, Climate Change & Resource Efficiency; Financing Growth & Infrastructure

We are honored and proud to be a part of the B20 dialogue and to contribute to a strategical problem-solving process for global economic challenges.

Suzanne Nuss

Area of Competence: Project Manager

The B20 provides an important forum to tackle global political and economic challenges on a global stage.

Picture of B20 Team Member Lea Spörcke

Lea Spörcke

Area of Competence: Senior Manager

To achieve a sustainable world economy, global political dialogue is crucial. B20 supports this aim by providing the essential cooperation and coordination among the key players of the global economy.

Laura Wyss

Area of Competence: Taskforce Employment & Education

The B20 allows an in-depth dialogue on some of the world’s most pressing issues in employment: youth unemployment, digitalization and inclusiveness.

Portrait of B20 team-member Robert Milliner

Robert Milliner

Area of Competence: Special Advisor to B20 Germany

Business has a clear role to play both in advising the G20 on the real barriers that inhibit the growth of businesses and then in working with Governments in implementing policy initiatives to drive growth and employment.

Simon Hansen

Area of Competence: Digitalization

Global business advances at a rapid pace. The B20 summit marks an important dialogue to set a sound foundation and maximize mutual benefits.

Portrait of B20 team-member Callies

Julia Callies

Area of Competence: Trade & Investment, Anti-Corruption & Responsible Business Conduct

In crises-ridden times like these, the G20 and B20 provide a forum to tackle global political and economic challenges on a global stage.

Picture of Christopher Huppertz

Christopher Huppertz

Area of Competence: Student Assistant

With globalization increasingly in question around the world, private actors play a vital part in helping to shape global governance to foster sustainable growth through inclusive solutions.

Ben Mayer

Ben Mayer

Area of Competence: Student Assistant

Today, global political dialogue is more important than ever given these uncertain times and the B20 is an essential part of this.

Kevin Müller

Area of Competence: Project Manager

Today’s complicated problem situations require more, not less coordinated Global Governance. The B20 forms a key aspect to finding solutions.

Sabrina Netzer

Area of Competence: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Responsible Business Conduct & Anti-Corruption

The B20 seeks to improve understanding and networking among its international stakeholders while representing the global economy in the political discourse.

Manuel Schamun

Area of Competence: Senior Project Manager

The B20 represents the premier forum for business and industry to contribute vital expertise and dynamism to the process of global governance.

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