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Welcome to the B20!

Accountable, Transparent, Responsive – we, the members of the B20 Germany team, are honored to support the international business community during Germany’s G20 presidency. The world faces an unprecedented crisis-mix: terror attacks, political conflicts, the migration crisis, climate change and the developing countries’ weak growth, to name only a few. These challenges can only be mastered together. The B20 has more than proven its relevance over the years. With hundreds of companies, representing all regions of the world and all business sectors, the B20 can provide the necessary expertise to finding answers to today’s global economic challenges. As an integral part of the G20 process, the B20 speaks with one voice for the economies of all G20 members. The B20 not only contributes to understanding and networking among the international stakeholders. It fundamentally supports the G20 with consolidated positions, expertise, and concrete action proposals which cover the whole G20 agenda. The B20 is a member-driven process. The success of the B20 depends on you. We are looking forward to working with you.

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